Group NIRE is a wholly owned subsidiary of The National Institute for Renewable Energy (NIRE). Group NIRE is a clean energy development company providing project development and consulting services.

We offer intelligent solutions based on innovation, reliability and customized services to our partners. Group NIRE has created a testing facility at the Reese Technology Center to validate and certify new energy related equipment. We strive to create successful projects through trusted and reliable partnerships, including the Reese Technology Center, in Lubbock, TX. Group NIRE advances renewable energy technologies to improve the environment and promote energy self-sustainability.

Group NIRE partnered with Alstom Power to construct a 1.67 MW wind turbine at the first private wind turbine research site in the nation, located at Reese Technology Center. Group NIRE worked with TTU, Sandia National Labs, and Vestas to construct the SWiFT Facility at Reese. The SWiFT Facility is the only wind plant research facility in the nation. Group NIRE continues to work with our partners to expand the renewable energy research projects at Reese.

These projects have far-reaching benefits to both the industry and communities around the globe.

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