Customer Requirements

To meet the mission of Reese, Reese provides a setting to both invite prospective tenants as customers and interview them to assure an ever continuing improvement in its customer mix as well as provide a productive setting for the entire Reese community.

Core Services:

We seek customers in the areas of research, development, engineering, inventive technology transfer, the conversion of intellectual property into product and light manufacturing.

Business Plan and Strategy:

Startup enterprises are welcome as are established businesses. Each prospective customer will be asked to provide these planning documents as well as a clear cut “Use of Premises” statement.


While our mission is centered on providing a premier site for research, technology, engineering, education and light manufacturing, we also seek to support regional job growth and training. Information regarding the number and types of jobs created may be requested. Job creation alone is not a prerequisite for the development of a relationship with Reese.

Underwriting and Financial Due Diligence:

Each prospective customer is unique with unique needs. Each customer opportunity will be evaluated on its own merits. Prospective customers should be prepared to provide current financial statements, two (2) years tax returns, and proof of good standing with the Secretary of State of Texas. Where appropriate, a personal guarantor with accompanying financial information and other information may be requested.

A Common Interest in the Success of Reese and those who Work at Reese:

Reese provides a unique and economically attractive site to both start a business and grow a business. It is one of the most successful conversions of a former military facility into a technology and research center, particularly in the western United States, in the history of such conversions. To continue that legacy of success, Reese seeks a customer who will provide organic growth opportunities, opportunities in alliance development and who takes pride in their facility by maintaining it and providing a component to the Reese success story.

If your organization meets this criteria, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request more information about becoming a customer at Reese Technology Center.







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