Build to Suit Growing New Business

Reese Technology Center offers unique sites which are ideal for
large machinery, labs, offices, or business spaces.


Grow your business on “New Technology Road” at a campus
centered in Technology, Research, Engineering and Education.

> The large buildings range from just more than 95,000 square feet to slightly smaller than 2,500 square feet.  The larger building sizes combined with attractive and competitive lease market rates allow for research and development in close proximity to other researchers at a great value.

> The buildings are of sturdy original construction.  They are readily adaptable to the needs of the independent researcher, scientist, and entrepreneur.  Some facilities are adaptable to storage and light manufacturing or fabrication.

> Our facility is protected during non business hours with locked gates and airfield fencing.  The Lubbock Police Academy maintains a 24-hour presence on campus near these sites.

Reese Technology Center Built to Suit Concept


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